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Gabriel Goldstein

Anidea Engineering, Inc.

986 Cosmos Street
Wellington, FL 33414

Phone: (954) 839-8318 Fax: (954) 337-2747
Web: http://www.anidea-engineering.com
Email: gabrielg@anidea-engineering.com


Analog Design
Circuits and PCB Design
Consumer Electronics
Digital Design
Embedded Systems
Software and Controls
Illumination and Lighting
Programmable Logic Design
Servo Control Systems
Assembly Language
C Programming
Conceptual Design

Condensed Resume

Anidea Engineering is versed in a wide array of technologies and skills. We specialize in embedded systems integration involving small microcontrollers to med-high end microprocessors for control, commercial and other applications. Also integrate and use FPGAs, digital to analog and analog to digital converters. We have worked everything from small little devices that beep when tipped over to highly integrated PDA type devices.