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What are ATSF's Objectives?

Provide South Florida businesses with their high-technology needs.

Few businesses can operate without some occasional outside help; for example, unique projects that call for specialization in a certain field to be involved in system specification, design, or prototype development. ATSF can match your firm with the right resources so you'll be assured the job will be completed on time and within budget.

The entrepreneurial spirit of ATSF's members is ideal for a variety of projects. Personnel overhead costs are eliminated. Red tape is out. The newest technologies are used. Ideas flourish.

Share the resources of South Florida's high-tech environment.

South Florida has many engineering professionals with expertise and proven track records to draw from. The synergy developed by ATSF members enriches the individual members and provides clients with superior quality design resources. ATSF provides a means to interchange technology between members; this interchange ensures members maintain state-of-the-art competence.

Provide its members with business leads and referrals.

Of course, we also promote our member's businesses, as well as broaden their industry knowledge and contacts.

sses, as well as broaden their industry knowledge and contacts.