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Thomas Peterick

Electro Technical Products, Inc.

PO Box 16658
West Palm Beach, FL 33416-6658

Phone: (561) 793-0832 Fax: (561) 793-7149
Web: http://www.etpdesign.com
Email: tpeterick@adelphia.net


Analog Design
RF Design
Project Management
New Product Development
Embedded Systems
Digital Design
Instrumentation and Controls
Material and Material Handling
Telecommunicationsv Telemetry
Applications Software
Assembly Language
C Programming
Circuits and PCB Design
Conceptual Design

Condensed Resume

Mr. Peterick is a hardware engineer with over fifteen years of experience in interfacing computers to the real world. His background includes all aspects of product development including specification, packaging and general design. Mr. Peterick has successfully completed designs in both the Military and commer­cial sectors of industry. Mr. Peterick has been a principal at Electro Technical Products, Inc. for over 15 years and works as a consultant and independent contractor.