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Martin Sperber, MSEE

Sperber Communications

9865 NW 48th Dr.
Coral Springs, FL 33076-2617

Phone: (954) 575-1147 Fax: (954) 340-8823
Email: sperbercom@aol.com


Broadcast TV and Radio
Consumer Electronics
Digital Design
Power Supply Design
RF Design
Security Systems
Test Equipment & Systems
Application Software
Expert Witness
Circuits and PCB Design
New Product Development
Project Management
Simulation and Modeling

Condensed Resume

New Product Development, FCC Regulations, Expert Witness, Patent Litigation, Computer modeling, Prototype hardware models, Market Research, Project Management, Contract Negotiations. Data/Television communications system design, (Broadcasting, CATV, Cellular, Microwave, Wireless Comm.). Inventor, holding 7 patents (2 pending) in Video, TV/CATV communications and addressable encryption systems. Expert witness and consulting engineer in industrial electronics and patent litigation cases for attorneys. FCC proof of performance and rule making petitions in the broadcasting, microwave and cellular services). Analog, Digital, RF and Video circuit/system design (DC through microwaves). Custom software for 1 GHz TV/data distribution system design. Antenna design and test range facilities. EMI studies and RF signal propagation coverage analysis. R&D Lab and machine shop facilities.